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Who We Are... I'm using the ROYAL We of course.

So, if you've seen my videos then you know I hate driving for long distances just to do something I should be able to do a lot closer. 10 hour drive for practice? COME ON MAN!  That's way too long.  Because of that, I founded a group to do Buhurt in the greater Portland Oregon area and I use this site to help fund and grow the sport. 


While Buhurt itself is hundreds of years old, it died out a long time ago. With the death of a need for armored hand to hand combat, came the death of Buhurt.  In the past couple years, there has been a huge revival in the sport and it is now growing bigger and bigger.  This sport is not cheap and those who want to do it spend thousands of dollars on weapons, armor and equipment. Having quaility gear will actually save your body and, potentially your life. Because of this, I work hard to help everyone I can do the sport and use all the money from the proceeds from this site to help fund not just my team, but in any way that I can also help Buhurt grow.  


Thank you again for purchasing items from our shop and if EVER there is something you think would be funny, supportive and awesome. Let me know and I'll always listen.

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The fact is... This is only happening for one reason. To help people do Buhurt. Personally, I'm a Veteran and spent almost a decade serving overseas almost entirely in Iraq. I got shot a few times, I got blowed up, and... I lost some great friends. Buhurt and the people within the sport have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and this sport. As always, give us a shout if ever you got questions. 


Finally, everything on this site is printed/produced from a third party. We have no say so over the final product.  



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