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Fight as a team – Armored Combat Fighting Tactics for 5 vs 5

In armored combat, you are not only fighting for yourself, but to help everyone on your team. Being able to fight as a team ends with the group but starts with the individual. With a few simple concepts you, and your team, can be on the path to togetherness… And destruction. Keep on reading for team armored combat fighting tactics.

Are there positions in Armored Combat?

Yes. There are five members of a traditional team and out of that, three primary positions. Often they are labeled as Rail/Rook, Wing, and Center. The Rail person is just that. They stay towards the outer flank and hug the “rail” of the combat field. The Wing plays off the shoulder of each rail and the center plays the middle of the field.

What do the positions in Armored Combat do?

Here’s a simple breakdown:

RAIL – Often utilized as a “tar pit” to people on the other team. The rail position must be a strong wrestler with the ability to fight against two opponents at once without issue. Many teams give this position a two handed weapon. This way, they are a significant offensive threat that must be dealt with and when unencumbered, can do damage.

WING – This person serves a dual offense/defense role. They are generally the most lethal position(s) on the field. The wing will play a few feet off the rail and work to both protect the Rail man and fight dynamically to create openings and garner takedowns. Wing fighters come in all sizes but must be the best fighters on your team.

CENTER – The center fighter is generally referred to as Chaos. Why? Well, because that’s what they do. They create chaos, offset disadvantages and use their central field position to disrupt the other team. Some teams will deploy their center in a multitude of ways. You might see them start behind a rail team, you might have one person start as Center and become a wing or rail while the true Center rolls into their position from somewhere else across the field. The Center can (and often is) the most pivotal role for equally matched teams.

Now… There are other ways to break down the five man team, but this is the most accepted across the United States.

WHAT ARE THE BEST team armored combat fighting tactics?

The only true answer is this; Stay up. If you can’t stay on your feet, you’re worthless to your team. It does not matter if you took a person down before you fell. When you’re down, the team is down people. All fighters must first be good at staying up before they can even begin to reflect on their ability to do damage or take down others.

With that said, the best tactic for any team is to be an immovable force. If you are impossible to take down, then it is a matter of time before you win. Now, this is more simple said than done. Outside of a few of the best international teams, most teams will have to compromise on this and use other tactics.

armored combat Fighting tactics

  1. Cross check like a boss – Utilize fast and highly agile team members to cross check opponents. These takedowns are fast, dynamic and can quickly swing the tide of battle into your favor. Don’t count the small fry out, they can be the biggest asset on the team with a little training.
  2. Fight in pairs or die – One on one is fantastic. In fact, if you are a strong team you should force it down the other teams throats. But, being able to fight effectively with a partner is one of the fastest way to force multiply your teams fighting ability. Practicing two on one and two on two scenarios with the same fighting partner will garner many rewards.
  3. Force the rail, then leave it – Many of the best teams will stay close to the rail and force other teams to fight them there. A good team will be able to fight on and off the rail. The rail is best used for grappling, but when you’re able to have a team member leave the rail with a two handed weapon, they can do a ton of damage to begin winning the war.
  4. Do more than one Job – Any adept team will be able to seamlessly move people between roles. Ultimately, the more dynamic a team is, is generally reflective of their overall training. Smart teams look at the battlefield as a whole instead of chunks. Any person should be able to leave the rail and fill a wing or center role when needed.

Okay, I hope this answered some basic questions on how to break down an armored combat team and some basic tactics. Please take a look at the other articles for more information such as arm bars, the underhook, head control and striking power.

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