Daniel Krug

Daniel Krug is the Captain of the world renowned armored combat team DOMINUS. He travels the world fighting, teaching, coaching and growing the sport of armored combat. Daniel loves to laugh, help and create. You should check out his graphic novel and stuff he does on the side. When he's not fighting, you'll find him riding down the slopes on a mountain bike. He's a long time practitioner of Brazilian Jiujitsu and Kick Boxing. He also has spent years learning how to properly play a video game. He just can't figure out which game it is or how to play it.

Shades of buhurt

Buhurt/Armored combat draws an interesting crowd of people. Much of the current crowd in the United States are those who came from a LARPING background. This means, they dressed up in various versions of historical or fantasy armor and set out rules of weapon tag. In this, they would compete for who got the “kill” or the most points, or whatever. And, the truth is that many of those activities are kind of fun. They’re a throw back to childhood where every stick was a sword or a gun.

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Longsword – Types and History

A longsword (long sword) is any sword that is generally weilded with two hands. A defining characteristic of the sword isn’t the overall length, it’s the length of the handle. The hilts (handles) range from 8 to 16 inches long to provide room for gauntleted hands. Most long swords were double edged. The design of the sword itself has a very utilitarian feel, the whole sword from the pommel to the tip must be useful in combat.

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What is Modern Medieval Armored Combat?

Modern medieval armored combat is a team armored combat sport where groups of combatants fight against each other to put the “other team” on the ground. A combatant is considered out of play when anything besides their two feet touch the ground. While there are many different armored combat sports, the most popular is group combat or “Buhurt”.

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Team Cerberus Emissus

Who is the Fantastic Cerberus Emissus? – A Medieval Armored Combat Buhurt Team

Who is Cerberus Emissus? Team Cerberus Emissus is a premiere HMB (historical medieval battles) armored combat fighting team. They are based out of Portland Oregon and are considered one of the best teams in the United States. The team is known for brutal striking and top tier wrestling in buhurt. This team trains to fight

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fighting tactics

Fight as a team – Armored Combat Fighting Tactics for 5 vs 5

In armored combat, you are not only fighting for yourself, but to help everyone on your team. Being able to fight as a team ends with the group but starts with the individual. With a few simple concepts you, and your team, can be on the path to togetherness… And destruction. Keep on reading for

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