Rich Hurst

Richard Hurst is a 33-year-old United States Army combat veteran ; he has served two tours one to Iraq one to Afghanistan, with the 2nd battalion 27th infantry the “Wolfhounds”. While in service Richard Hurst became the physical trainer for his battalion and trained over 1000 soldiers in preparation for battlefield combat. Richard’s specificities in training lie in endurance and functional fitness. During his time in the wolfhounds Richard had the chance to study at the University of Hawaii Strength and Conditioning lab, and the United States Army SAW (soldier athlete warrior) program. Richard left the service in 2013 and became part of the steel fighting world in 2015 and appeared on History Channel’s TV show KnightFight. Richard was also pivotal in helping stand up many new steel fighting teams in Washington State and is also the heart, brains and soul behind “Metal meets Metal”. Since then Richard aligned himself with American Pro fighters Craig Ivey and Colin Campbell and has started the “The Ludus” in Seattle Wa. with the goal of bringing individuals into the world of steel fighting. Richard has helped train individuals from Iron Phoniex and Ordo Draconis and is looking to add more fighters to his roster.