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Longsword – Types and History

A longsword (long sword) is any sword that is generally weilded with two hands. A defining characteristic of the sword isn’t the overall length, it’s the length of the handle. The hilts (handles) range from 8 to 16 inches long to provide room for gauntleted hands. Most long swords were double edged. The design of the sword itself has a very utilitarian feel, the whole sword from the pommel to the tip must be useful in combat.

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What is Modern Medieval Armored Combat?

Modern medieval armored combat is a team armored combat sport where groups of combatants fight against each other to put the “other team” on the ground. A combatant is considered out of play when anything besides their two feet touch the ground. While there are many different armored combat sports, the most popular is group combat or “Buhurt”.

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