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    This thread is for tracking the full season Knights Hall events. Each event may get it’s own post as well, but this should stay up to date with all Fights happening at or sponsored by Knights hall.
    Details will be added as they are known

    The current schedule is
    March 6th: St paddy’s Brawl
    March 27th: Blood Rust and Dust
    May 4th: Saber Combat
    May 22nd: Biker Church Recruitment
    June 5th: Rookie Rumble 5
    June 19th: Prowess Series
    June 19th: Monarchs v Dark Knights(DK) Chapter Match.
    July 3rd: Prowess Series
    July 3rd: Knightmares v Highlanders Chapter Match
    July 10th: Silver Warrior Tournament
    July 17th: Prowess Series
    July 17th: Dk vs Highlanders Chapter match
    July 31st: Prowess series
    July 31st: Monarchs vs Knightmares Chapter Match
    August 7th: Flanker War
    August 14: Swords of Summer
    August 26-29: Mountain Melees-Knights Hall Fight Fest
    September 11-12: Blood and Steel 5
    September 25th: Fest of Thrones

    Daniel Krug

    So much stuff. So little time.

    Sounds fun though .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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