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    Howdy hey, Steelfighters, Armored Combatants, and Bohurters.
    I’m Sean, I run the South Jersey Pine Barons.
    I’ve been publishing our practices online for anyone to use as they see fit. Feel free to check them out!
    Practice #11

    Daniel Krug

    I love it. Keep posting your practices in here!!! It’s a great way to get the info out. Also… Id’suggest you do a bit more detail on the description so people can keyword search it a tad better.


    Definitely. It’s a work in progress. I just figured out how to change the background and text color last week. Just getting started was the most important part to me. Everything else I’m learning as I go.


    Kraken Do you know Chuck Vallas? I think he would get a lot of milage out of these drills and might have great information to help you with them


    We all know that sometimes you can’t make practice. Sometimes you don’t have a team close enough to be able to regularly make them, or hell, were in the middle of a pandemic. Not being at practice is no excuse for not practicing. Here’s a quick little at-home practice I threw together after talking with someone who wasn’t able to meet up with their local team.
    “Hey Kraken, I can’t make it to my teams practice…”


    “So Kraken, I’d like to start having practices…”

    New post out about getting started with hosting a loc practice!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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