medieval knights standing on a battlefield

Are there Medieval Knight Clubs in the USA?

By Daniel Krug | August 19, 2022

The United States has a rapidly expanding sport known as Medieval Combat or Armored Combat. A few years ago, there were less than fifty people that competed in the sport. Now, there are dozens of teams across the USA that compete in several different leagues. The leagues all carry different rule sets and different requirements […]

Longsword – Types and History

By Daniel Krug | November 19, 2021

A longsword (long sword) is any sword that is generally weilded with two hands. A defining characteristic of the sword isn’t the overall length, it’s the length of the handle. The hilts (handles) range from 8 to 16 inches long to provide room for gauntleted hands. Most long swords were double edged. The design of the sword itself has a very utilitarian feel, the whole sword from the pommel to the tip must be useful in combat.

What is Modern Medieval Armored Combat?

By Daniel Krug | November 3, 2021

Modern medieval armored combat is a team armored combat sport where groups of combatants fight against each other to put the “other team” on the ground. A combatant is considered out of play when anything besides their two feet touch the ground. While there are many different armored combat sports, the most popular is group combat or “Buhurt”.

What is HMB?

What is HMB (Historical Medieval Battle)?

By Daniel Krug | September 9, 2021

What is HMB? HMB stands for Historical Medieval Battle. It is an adrenaline-fueled, full contact combat sport where fighters participate in armored duels, team fights, and mass battles. The weapons are real, blunted steel axes, swords, and maces. The armor can weigh anywhere from fifty to a hundred pounds and is based on that found […]

Team Cerberus Emissus

Who is the Fantastic Cerberus Emissus? – A Medieval Armored Combat Buhurt Team

By Daniel Krug | July 31, 2021

Who is Cerberus Emissus? Team Cerberus Emissus is a premiere HMB (historical medieval battles) armored combat fighting team. They are based out of Portland Oregon and are considered one of the best teams in the United States. The team is known for brutal striking and top tier wrestling in buhurt. This team trains to fight […]

Buhurt Helmets

Buhurt Helmets

By Daniel Krug | July 30, 2021

Learn the difference between open faced and full faced styles of helmets in Buhurt, along with safety precautions, padding and chin straps! Buhurt Helmet Styles If you’ve had the opportunity to watch or participate in Buhurt (also known as Bohurt) combat the first thing you notice with almost every fighter is their helmet. There are […]

carolina carnage 2021

MMA with Weapons – Carolina Carnage HMB 2021 Fight Analysis

By Daniel Krug | February 22, 2021

Here you will find the Carolina Carnage HMB 2021 event results and YOUTUBE footage of the fights with breakdown and analysis. Fight #1 Warlords White VS. Knyaz Warlords White are considered a powerhouse team. Knyaz are the new kids on the block because they’re recently formed from the break up of some previous groups. While […]

fighting tactics

Fight as a team – Armored Combat Fighting Tactics for 5 vs 5

By Daniel Krug | February 21, 2021

In armored combat, you are not only fighting for yourself, but to help everyone on your team. Being able to fight as a team ends with the group but starts with the individual. With a few simple concepts you, and your team, can be on the path to togetherness… And destruction. Keep on reading for […]

floating legs

Armor Review – Floating Legs vs. Articulated Legs

By Daniel Krug | November 30, 2020

A recent purchase of Titanium Floating Leg Armor from Medieval Extreme caused me to take a hard look at the positives (and negatives) of making the change. I’ve not been in the sport long, but my first year and a half in armor was in articulated legs. Let’s take a hard look at the new […]

striking power

Armored Combat Techniques – Striking Power

By Daniel Krug | October 29, 2020

Being able to have a lot of striking power in armored combat is a necessary and vital skill to any participant in the sport. Punching power can offer a distinct advantage when most inside the ‘list’ expect those punches not to hurt. How do I throw a punch? First, have a proper stance. Second, Throw […]