To SMASH people with axes

We are a group of dedicated people who love dressing up in armor and beating the holy bejeezus out of each other.  This group is fun loving, inspired and committed to bringing Buhurt activities to all of Oregon. 

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Meet The Team

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Founder and Comic Relief
Daniel Krug


Better half of everything
Trina Krug


Co-Founder and Serious Guy
Micah Krug


Fighter/Field Captain
Matthew Creedican



Chason Richardson


Jake Richmond



Mario Torres

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Skyler Nagel

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Jamethorn "Whittle Sticks" Wolfe

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Solomon Dimick


Dion Partch

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The thing about doing Buhurt is... Well, you get to go full Rage Monkey and nobody really gets hurt.

Sometimes I use an axe, sometimes I use a sword... But EVERYTIME I bring the whoop-ass.

The best part about dressing up as a Medieval Knight, wielding a weapon and fighting other groups of people is simple... You get to actually do all those things. This stuff isn't FAKE!


We don't particularly have a hierarchy or any belief of following some sort of knightly blah blah like the SCA or a reenactment group.  We treat Buhurt like a sport, because that is what it is.  We train hard, work hard and take care of fellow team mates.  Ultimately, it's about treating each other with a great amount of respect to provide a strong growth environment.  We will criticize, critique and push each other extremely hard, but this is only to sharpen the steel that is our team.

Should you try it out?

This isn't a "lifestyle".  It isn't LARPING, it isn't reenactment and it definitely isn't for the feint of heart. Buhurt is a sport for people who want to do sports.  Its like a team Judo match with weapons basically.  It combines aspects of MMA, Judo, weapons fighting and knowledge of armor to be a sport that is like no other.


SO.... YES!!! Try it out.

“You want a fight? I'll bring a war.”

― Somebody Awesome
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Frequently Asked Questions


We won't brag about our fight statistics or anything like that. But, we will make up numbers and pair them with pointless statements to make a statistic that is entirely made up. 

Times we have smashed someone for fun

Average number of dents in ones armor

Breaths you take in two minutes of buhurt

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