What is HMB?

What is HMB (Historical Medieval Battle)?

What is HMB?

HMB stands for Historical Medieval Battle. It is an adrenaline-fueled, full contact combat sport where fighters participate in armored duels, team fights, and mass battles. The weapons are real, blunted steel axes, swords, and maces. The armor can weigh anywhere from fifty to a hundred pounds and is based on that found in the Middle Ages, from the 14th to 16th centuries. Guidelines from the HMB International Association govern the authenticity and safety standards for the equipment, and certified referees, known as knight marshals, ensure that the tournament rules are maintained.

HMB proper is an international organization that has a representative group in each participating country. For example, HMB USA reports to the international but governs themselves. This way the sport can grow without being hindered by bottlenecked communication pathways.

What does the HMB do?

They put on medieval battles in groups of 5vs5, 12vs12, 30vs30 and 150vs150. Each team fights with a limited ruleset to put all the opposing team onto the ground. This is done in medieval armor. HMB also has 1vs1 fights in the form of various point-based duels and what is termed as a “pro fight”. A pro fight is when two people fight with a very limited rule set and is akin to Mixed Martial Arts in armor.

Unlike many armored fights you might see at a renaissance fair or at a dinner show, HMB is not choreographed or staged. Every fighter assembles their own armor and equipment, and every team trains tirelessly to compete in tournaments across the country for both fame and prizes. The top teams in the nation have one goal: to represent the United States as Team USA in the infamous Battle of the Nations. First held in 2009, this week-long tournament now draws fighters from forty countries, and the winners are crowned “Best in the World.”

Where can I watch the HMB?

Throughout the globe, events are put on all the time. The modern version of the sport originated out of Russia but has spread everywhere. Through searching the term “buhurt” on YouTube and looking for HMB in your local area, you can watch livestreams and potentially even begin to participate yourself.

cerberus emissus

Is there a top team for HMB?

The top team changes all the time. Currently, in the United States the number one Men’s team is regularly traded between Cerberus Emissus based out of Portland Oregon and The Warlords from Dallas Texas. Both these teams are considered the model for training and success in the sport. The current Women’s top team is the Dallas Mythics.

Where do I get armor?

A list of armorers from across the globe can behere: Where to Buy Armor. But, you should probably meet up with people who have been doing the sport for a while and talk to them first. Buying armor can be dangerous. You’ve got to get the right stuff at the right protection level and it all has to be historically accurate. After all, this is Historical Medieval Battles, not fantasy based such as other groups like the S.C.A. and E.M.P. allow.

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