Wrestling for Buhurt – The Arm Drag

In this article, we discuss armored combat fighting techniques specific to buhurt. We cover the basic arm drag and its applications while in armor.

What is buhurt wrestling?

While traditional wrestling sports start standing up and continue until someone is ‘pinned’ or ‘taps out’. Buhurt has three major differences.

  1. It’s done in armor.
  2. You fight as a team, not just an individual.
  3. When you’re down, you’re done.

Is grappling important in Buhurt?

Yes. The object of the fight is for your team to put the entire other team on the ground. Once they’re all down and your team still has people standing then you win. Grappling is one of the three primary ways of putting people onto the ground in buhurt team matches.

Other methods of winning are discussed in other articles. But, in terms of what kind of grappling is important, the focus is a mix between MMA and Judo. The closest comparison would most likely be what people in the MMA community refer to as ‘wall work‘. Being able to take down an opponent while they are up against the cage or a wall requires a much different methodology than doing it out in the open. While open field takedowns and basic tenants of wrestling and judo apply no matter where you are, significant adjustments must be made when trying to take a person down against a barrier. Further, more adjustments have to be made when you put a suit of armor on.

What is an Arm Drag?

The arm drag technique is well known in the American Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu communities. The technique focuses on utilizing a cross body grip of your opponent’s bicep and hugging it against your body. This grip is effective because it exploits a natural positional weakness while also creating a mechanical advantage for you. In applying an arm drag correctly, you essentially place yourself on the flank of an opponent and pin them there through the simple use of the grip. The ‘arm drag’ has countless variations and leads to many different take down and submission techniques.

Proper use and understanding of an arm drag in buhurt can greatly enhance your combat potential. The technique also doubles as a close in defense whereby you place yourself in a position against an opponent that they will have extreme difficulty striking you.


The video below explains how to apply a VERY BASIC arm drag while in a suit of armor and holding a weapon. This technique is adapted and applied under these specific terms because its use is for armored combat. Conducting an arm drag outside of this scenario is done slightly differently and the body mechanics must also adjust slightly.

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