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About Korean Smith Armory

Petr Prokazov has always been in love with metal working. He's known in the buhurt world for creating the best brigantines for the lowest prices. He has a great sense of humor, honest disposition and will always give you a straight answer. In recent years, his armory has come under high demand. His wait time is generally 3-5 months (which is pretty low) and he'll make you a phenomenal piece for a fraction of the price that many other places will charge. While the Korean Smith Armory is considered a young one, it is already among the best.  


Petr Prokazov will craft any type of armor that you require. While brigantines are his bread and butter, he also is well known for extreme high quality with all other pieces. Despite his armory's name, he does not currently manufacture any Eastern Kits, but that's not to say he won't. 



Owner and Operator of

Korean Smith Armory

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