Who is Tulsa Free Company?

Walking down the street, you see a man that is roughly as big as a medium sized shed. Surrounding him are a few almost as big men, a couple of women, maybe a dog, and probably a possum on a leash. That’s not the weird part though. The weird part, they’re all carrying axes and wearing medieval armor. That, my friend, is Tulsa Free Company.

Where did they come from?

Tulsa Free Company (TFC from now on) got their start in the sport through the ACW (Armored Combat Worldwide). They happened to be close to a guy that loves to paint the Captain America shield on his buckler and write books about all the different rules you need to be a winner. Problem was, the number one rule for him was sucking up to the league owner and rigging the competition. I mean, in all fairness, it’s a good rule for winning consistently. It’s just not the type of people that inspire others to do better. Side note, I don’t think the book has hit anyone’s shelf yet.

So… They started off on the wrong foot, but due to strong wills, the desire to be around good people and starry eyed hopes of the future; buhurt and all things whack’em eventually found their way to the door step of the possum bedraggled crew. (They don’t actually have a possum, but I regularly imagine them with a possum, so stay with me on that. Besides, they’re from Tulsa, they probably do have a possum and just don’t tell anyone.) The brute force and gentle tutelage of Zach Golden brought about a golden toasted age of armored combat to the barren and overtly hostile dust lands of Oklahoma.

That means they’re ACW right?

No. In fact, that would be like calling a doctor a nurse while fully knowing the doctor was NOT a nurse. The TFC is a drama free, fun loving, hard working and amazing group of people fighting for their right to party. They will fight whenever they can. They train regularly and they use every apparatus available to better their fight I.Q. (Like an armored combat academy app)

What have they done?

Well, for starters, they’re a legit team complete with a training facility, schedule, uniforms, structure and all that. Any team needs a home base. Zach and crew made sure they found a home base and use it to better their skills on a weekly basis. With that, they’ve competed and placed in the top three consistently in almost all tournaments they have gone to. 5 years ago that wouldn’t be a big deal, but nowadays teams are stepping it up. TFC has become a well known powerhouse in the world of buhurt.

I live in Oklahoma, can I train with them?

Well sure! If you want to get in contact with them, then you can. THIS IS HOW: Facebook messenger is the best and easiest way to get started. But, if you don’t have that, you can look them up through instagram. And, if social media is a downright NO!!! Then contact them HERE! They have a great website you can check out HERE!

What do they do for training?

Well, they mostly get together and hunt possum. (not really) They train several times a week and utilize the ACA app to help define what they need to work on and practice defined skills. The team has a strong base in individual fundamentals and works hard to encapsulate the team aspect of buhurt battle. They are a team to be reckoned with because of their dedication to training.

So, what makes them special?

Simple. Everything. They ride a shorter bus than other teams, they require assistance with reading and use of the restroom. They even need help feeding themselves at times. They’re super special. (Actually, none of that is true)

The thing about Tulsa Free Company that makes them special is their zeal for life and joy they find in friendships. They are truly a welcoming and loving group of people that will hug you ten times harder than they whack you on the helmet. And, they whack super hard on helmets. TFC and the culture they cultivate is the glue that holds the buhurt world together. They embody brotherhood. If you get a chance to fight with them or against them, take it. It’s one of the greatest (and most loving) teams in the sport.

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