Team Cerberus Emissus

Who is the Fantastic Cerberus Emissus? – A Medieval Armored Combat Buhurt Team

Who is Cerberus Emissus?

Team Cerberus Emissus is a premiere HMB (historical medieval battles) armored combat fighting team. They are based out of Portland Oregon and are considered one of the best teams in the United States. The team is known for brutal striking and top tier wrestling in buhurt. This team trains to fight the Russian’s in Battle Of The Nations.

How Did Cerberus Emissus Start?

Cerberus Emissus began with a simple idea. The primary founder and team Captain Daniel Krug used to fight with the legendary team Iron Phoenix. Traveling to practice took 4-5 hours each way and there was no real presence for the sport in Portland. So, with the help of his brother Micah and fellow Iron Phoenix members Matthew Creedican and Johny Porter, Daniel started something new.

Daniel Micah

In the first few months, the team only had one or two fighters, but with goofy videos and a desire to expand, the team quickly grew to around 15 members. Now, they travel all over to fight other teams and set an example of positivity and extreme hard work.

Why Cerberus Emissus?

The name itself translates to “the devil dog of hades, unleashed.” The three headed devil dog represents Daniel, Micah and Matthew Creedican. Daniel picked the team name because he wanted something original and also embodied the way in which his favorite teammates fought. It was perfect. The team colors are Black and Yellow. They represent several things.

  1. The colors of the Krug family name.
  2. The colors of the U.S. Army and by extension, service to others.
  3. The colors of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club

As a team that is steeped in the culture of service to others, the colors of black and yellow are an absolute must.

What is the strength of Cerberus Emissus?

Inside the list (arena) of buhurt, Cerberus is unrivaled in their violence of action. This team comes out swinging hard and has an incredible strength in grappling and close hand to hand combat. They fight hard to isolate fighters from the other team in order to gang up on them and take them down one by one. Cerberus wins when they hit hard, move fast and rip people down to the ground.

How does Cerberus Emissus Train?

There are two rules posted at the front door of the Cerberus training building. 1. Be nice and, 2. Get back up. Both of these rules seem simple until they need to be enforced. Kindness is easy when you aren’t mad and getting back up seems simple when you aren’t tired. The rules are meant for the hard times, not the easy ones.

Team Captain Daniel is strict in how he runs the team. Kindness and Fortitude are the marks of greatness. This team believes that the true strength of a warrior exists in their heart, not their ability.

How do you get in contact with Cerberus Emissus?

The team practices every Wednesday and Saturday. They love anyone even remotely interested in the sport and within a rocket ship’s ride distance from them. Reach them through their Facebook Group and set something up. Or…. Send a contact email to ilovebuhurt and someone will point you in the right direction.

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