Wrestling For Buhurt – The Underhook

Achieving an underhook is relatively universal in wrestling, MMA, and Buhurt. Learn how to simply apply this move in a standing position.

What is an Underhook?

It is an offensive wrestling position in which one of your arms is underneath the arm of your opponent. Typically, you reach ‘under’ and up their back to create a ‘hook’ on their shoulder. This position allows a modicum of control against the opponent thereby allowing you to move towards a flank and create strong attack angles. The underhook is popular in wrestling, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu and other combat sports.

Does it work in buhurt?

Yes. The main difference being that you have a weapon in one of your hands. It’s recommended that you attempt the underhook in buhurt with a NON weapon wielding hand. In the video below, there are several basic steps to achieve the move. Pay close attention to body position, application of weight and how to use your other hand to push the opponents head away. If you are a little bit lacking in the fitness and agility realms, this move is a bit harder to acquire. Take the time to work on overall fitness and your success rate will increase greatly.

When do I use an Underhook?

Simple, whenever you think you can get it. The move is complimented well with an arm drag or even as a set up to do a ‘whizzer’ when the opponent tries to pummel in and put an underhook on you. Remember, the goal is to CONTROL your opponent. If you’ve got it and you don’t have control, then you don’t got it.

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