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Armored Combat Head Control – Wrestling For Buhurt

Using head control in armored combat will help you keep a grip on your opponent and help with takedowns. In Armored Combat, when their head is down, you’re winning. Let’s take a closer look at the fundamentals of head control.

What is my stance in armored combat?

As upright as possible is a good start. When you are leaning or hunched forward you tend to lower your head and make it easier to control you and also harder for you to pull someone else’s head down. Further, Armored Combat isn’t like regular fighting. You need to be able to see the battlefield, move quickly and engage more than one opponent at a time.

How Do I Grab Their Head?

It’s important to recruit large muscle groups, not reach out too far and keep your body upright. Ideally, you grab with your palms facing towards you and your fingers toward the sky. You keep your elbows close together and cup the occiput of their skull. If you have a weapon in your hand (which you will, one hand will likely face away while the other will face towards you. Try to rotate your position on their head as much as possible to utilize both biceps. The video at the bottom of the post will explain this in detail.

How Does Head Control Help?

First of all… they’re not hitting you if you’re moving their head around like a toy. Second, You can generally put your back away from additional threats and use their body as a shield from hits. Finally, you can throw them down with some simple trips and techniques. It’s important to remember that head control is only one aspect of wrestling. Using it in combination with other techniques like an arm drag or underhook can help you manipulate the footwork of your opponent.

Should I Practice Head Control in Armor?

Generally, Yes. But, doing this technique both in and out of armor is important. Many fighting techniques done outside of armor work very well in armor, but they generally have to be adapted slightly. So it’s always best do practice both ways. This way you can refine a technique without having to suit up and then you can adapt that technique to the mechanical differences in armor. Remember, you can always get more training from Armored Combat Northwest.

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