Shades of buhurt

Buhurt/Armored combat draws an interesting crowd of people. Much of the current crowd in the United States are those who came from a LARPING background. This means, they dressed up in various versions of historical or fantasy armor and set out rules of weapon tag. In this, they would compete for who got the “kill” or the most points, or whatever. And, the truth is that many of those activities are kind of fun. They’re a throw back to childhood where every stick was a sword or a gun.

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What is Modern Medieval Armored Combat?

Modern medieval armored combat is a team armored combat sport where groups of combatants fight against each other to put the “other team” on the ground. A combatant is considered out of play when anything besides their two feet touch the ground. While there are many different armored combat sports, the most popular is group combat or “Buhurt”.

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