Armor and Weapons

Longsword – Types and History

A longsword (long sword) is any sword that is generally weilded with two hands. A defining characteristic of the sword isn’t the overall length, it’s the length of the handle. The hilts (handles) range from 8 to 16 inches long to provide room for gauntleted hands. Most long swords were double edged. The design of the sword itself has a very utilitarian feel, the whole sword from the pommel to the tip must be useful in combat.

Buhurt Helmets

Buhurt Helmets

Learn the difference between open faced and full faced styles of helmets in Buhurt, along with safety precautions, padding and chin straps! Buhurt Helmet Styles If you’ve had the opportunity to watch or participate in Buhurt (also known as Bohurt) combat the first thing you notice with almost every fighter is their helmet. There are …

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fighting tactics

Fight as a team – Armored Combat Fighting Tactics for 5 vs 5

In armored combat, you are not only fighting for yourself, but to help everyone on your team. Being able to fight as a team ends with the group but starts with the individual. With a few simple concepts you, and your team, can be on the path to togetherness… And destruction. Keep on reading for …

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training for armored combat

Training For Armored Combat

People coming in to join the Buhurt / Armored Combat community rarely have a strong background in fighting. Some do, but most do not. Because of this it is particularly important to have a curriculum to teach new folks how to fight. Being able to fight is the most important thing in a combat sport. Many of these skills are the same that knights of old would use.