Daniel Krug

Daniel Krug is the Captain of the world renowned armored combat team DOMINUS. He travels the world fighting, teaching, coaching and growing the sport of armored combat. Daniel loves to laugh, help and create. You should check out his graphic novel and stuff he does on the side. When he's not fighting, you'll find him riding down the slopes on a mountain bike. He's a long time practitioner of Brazilian Jiujitsu and Kick Boxing. He also has spent years learning how to properly play a video game. He just can't figure out which game it is or how to play it.

Wrestling for Buhurt – The Arm Drag

In this article, we discuss armored combat fighting techniques specific to buhurt. We cover the basic arm drag and its applications while in armor. What is buhurt wrestling? While traditional wrestling sports start standing up and continue until someone is ‘pinned’ or ‘taps out’. Buhurt has three major differences. It’s done in armor. You fight

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